6 Symptoms of Being In Ketosis While On The Keto Diet

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Getting your body into a metabolic state of ketosis is something that occurs when starting a keto diet. If you’re a beginner to the ketogenic diet, read our guide – Introducing the keto diet: an easy guide for beginners.  When you’re in ketosis, your body produces ketones to provide energy. This means that your body has now transitioned from burning sugar for energy to burning fat instead. When your body burns fat for energy it results in something incredible happening! Your body begins to lose fat. So, how can you be sure that your body is in ketosis? In addition to using keto test strips, your body will begin to show some noticeable signs. ketosis diet food 

6 Signs You’re In Ketosis

When your body is in ketosis, the following signs will occur.


You’ll Lose Weight

One significant sign of ketosis is losing weightWhen you’re close to ketosis or have just entered a state of ketosis, you’ll begin to lose fat. This is due to your body switching to a low carbohydrate diet. You may even notice extensive weight loss in the first week – this occurs because your body is releasing water held by fat cells. For your fat cells to be used as fuel, they need to release water so losing your water weight is highly advantageous. If you continue to stick with a low carb diet, you should continue to lose weight by dropping body fat.


You Won’t Feel As Hungry

When you ditch high carb foods, something amazing happens! You don’t feel as hungry as you used to. Sure, you will still feel hungry from time to time but any major hunger pangs will fade. This is because your body is able to regulate hormones better, especially those hormones that signal to the brain that you need to eat. energy in ketosis 

You’ll Have More Energy

One of the best things about being in ketosis (alongside losing weight) is feeling more energized. If you are used to your energy levels crashing during the day, then being in ketosis will be a saviour. Your body does amazingly well when producing ketones, meaning a regular energy supply to the brain. When you’re feeling energized, you have more focus, more motivation, and more determination to be productive during your day.


You’ll Feel Fatigued In The Short-Term

Wait, didn’t you just say I’ll feel more energized? Yes – when you transition over from burning sugar for energy to burning fat, you’re likely to feel some fatigue. This happens because your body is searching for glucose and without it, it isn’t equipped to provide enough ketones for energy. Additionally, via your urine, your body is releasing electrolytes. To aid short term fatigue, you need to replace the electrolytes that your body is wasting. To do this, replace them with food or with a dietary supplement. We love Ultima Electrolyte Powder as its convenient to use and tastes delicious. It’s also highly effective in replacing electrolytes.


You’ll Have Bad Breath

Bad breath is one ketosis side effect that isn’t much fun. Bad breath is the result of higher levels of acetone being produced in your body, which leaves your body via your breath and urine. You’ll find your breath is worse in the morning so brushing your teeth first thing may be the best solution. Alternatively, try chewing on sugar free gum or using a mouthwash tailored towards treating bad breath. Most people normally find that the symptom of bad breath diminishes after a period of time.


You’ll Have Toilet Trouble

Another not so fun symptom of being in ketosis is toilet trouble. You’ll find that your body may struggle with constipation. If this happens, aim to add more magnesium or fiber to your diet. You may also have diarrhoea. Adding more fat to your diet is a big change for your body and you need to get used to it. Diarrhoea in the short term is perfectly normal. Some people are lucky enough to not notice any bowel changes in which case you can carry on as normal. As everyone is different, not every body will react in the same way. Some people will lose more weight than others in the first week and during being in ketosis.  Some may also find they enter ketosis quicker than others – there is no magic formula when it comes to the keto diet.  

The main thing is that lowering your carb intake will really help your body. Stay focused on your diet and exercise, rather than losing weight and you’ll have the best state of mind for achieving weight loss on the keto diet.

6 symptoms of being in ketosis while on the keto diet

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