7 Amazing Reasons Why Your Skin Needs A Vitamin C Serum

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There’s a good reason why vitamin c was the most searched beauty item of 2017. This powerful antioxidant offers an abundance of benefits for your skin, from promoting a youthful complexion to enhancing radiance. The most effective way to include vitamin c in your skincare routine is to use a serum. Unlike other skincare products, serums penetrate deeper into the skin, delivering active ingredients. Using a serum regularly under your moisturizer will completely enhance your complexion.  So, what makes vitamin C so special and what are the best vitamin c serums to buy? vitamin c serum

The Magic of Vitamin C

There’s no better time to start using a vitamin C serum in your daily beauty regime. Whether you’re 21 or 51, all types of skin can benefit from using this potent antioxidant; 

  •  It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – by promoting collagen production, vitamin C helps to plump and firms your skin. Additionally, vitamin C helps to fight free radicals (unpaired electrons which damage cells, resulting in premature aging) to prevent damage.


  • It boosts hydration – if you’ve been struggling with dryness, incorporating a vitamin C serum into your beauty collection may be just the thing you need. Topical vitamin C improves our overall moisture levels, ensuring your skin is soft, smooth and nourished.


  • It brightens your skin – dull skin will be transformed with a vitamin C serum, thanks to its ability to brighten your complexion and make it appear healthier.


  • It reduces inflammation – vitamin C helps to diminish inflammation which causes redness, acne and puffiness.


  • It lightens brown spots and age spots – vitamin C inhibits an enzyme called tyrosinase which is required to produce skin pigment. This means that any discoloration (brown spots or age spots) is lightened with topical vitamin C use.


  • It helps to heal sunburn – sun damage is one of the worst things to happen to your skin. Luckily, using a vitamin C serum helps to diminish the damage caused by sunburn, accelerating the healing process.


  • It fades acne scarring – vitamin C is ideal for treating acne scars. As it lightens pigmentation, it helps to even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of scarring. Additionally, it reduces the redness from current blemishes.


How To Use A Vitamin C Serum

Your serum should be used after cleanser and toner, and before moisturizer. Ideally, you should wait a few minutes after applying serum before putting on your day or night cream. To maximize penetration of the serum, you can apply after exfoliation. Ensure that your vitamin C serum hasn’t turned brown as this means it has oxidized and won’t be effective on your complexion. Storing your serum in the refrigerator can help.


How To Choose A Vitamin C Serum

There are different strengths of vitamin C on the market. Essentially, if you suffer with very sensitive skin or rosacea, then avoid high strength serums like 20% as these may be too strong for your skin. Alternatively, use a vitamin C booster – Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop Pure Vitamin C Serum is perfect as it only contains 5% vitamin C content, yet it features all the benefits of the antioxidant. There are thousands of vitamin C serums on the skincare market so finding the very best product for your skin type can seem overwhelming. We have narrowed down our top choices based on the strength of vitamin C used, PH level, brand reputation, and price.


The Best Vitamin C Serum

Mad Hippie Vitamin C SerumFormulated with hyaluronic acid, this vitamin C serum is excellent value for money. Mad Hippie Vitamin C has a yellow tint due to its stabilized form (this means that you don’t have to worry about oxidization). Additionally, this product is cruelty free, vegan and GMO free. Mad Hippie use a form of vitamin C named sodium ascorbyl phosphate. Therefore, a concentration isn’t given. However, they state that this serum is equivalent to higher concentration of L-Absorbic vitamin C due to its bioavailability (essentially meaning less Mad Hippie serum is required for effective results). Using this serum regularly will increase luminosity, smooth your complexion, hydrate and promote a younger appearance. Timeless Skin Care Vitamin C SerumThis Timeless Skin Care Vitamin C Serum with vitamin E and ferulic acid contains 20% vitamin C in a 30ml dropper bottle. This serum is paraben free and only contains specially selected ingredients. This affordable vitamin C serum is ideal for those new to using this antioxidant in their skincare routine. Using it regularly will enhance your overall complexion by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, increasing hydration and enhancing brightness. Amara Organics Vitamin C Serum This affordable serum contains 20% vitamin c content and is enriched with vitamin e and hyaluronic acid. With no parabens, dyes or fragrances, this cruelty free serum only uses selected ingredients to deliver the benefits of vitamin C. This serum offers a 100% money back guarantee for your peace of mind, so if you don’t notice any visible difference you can return the product for a refund. Paula’s Choice RESIST Super BoosterSuitable for all skin types, this serum contains vitamin C, E and ferulic acid. Paula’s Choice is a well-known and respected brand by skincare expert Paula Begoun. While this serum is more expensive than others on our list, the quality, blend and results make this a product well worth trying. This serum contains 15% vitamin C and a PH level of 3. This booster can be used on its own or added to your regular serum for optimal skincare results. Using this skincare booster regularly will ensure you see noticeable results, including smoother, softer, plumper skin. VICHY LiftActiv Vitamin C SerumVichy is a well-known skincare brand, targeting an array of skincare problems. This vitamin C serum is formulated with 15% pure vitamin c, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. The paraben free and fragrance-free blend is ideal for all skin types. Additionally, this serum only contains 11 ingredients, and is oil and silicone free. Using this vitamin C serum daily will help to brighten, promote a youthful complexion, hydrate and protect against damage. 

Important Things To Know About Vitamin C Serum


  1. If your skin is sensitive, start with a low concentration of vitamin C until your skin becomes tolerant.
  2. Don’t use vitamin C at the same time as retinol or glycolic/lactic acid. Instead, use vitamin C in the morning
    and your other products in the evening in order for them to produce effective results.
  3. Generally, lower PH levels of vitamin C tend to be more effective. However, as lower PH levels are more acidic, they can be harsher on sensitive skin. Higher PH levels of vitamin C serum are gentler, but they may take longer to see visible results.

 When searching for a vitamin C serum, keep in mind your budget, skin type, product blend and customer reviews. Remember, you’ll need to use a vitamin C serum regularly for a few weeks to really see results.

7 amazing reasons why your skin needs a vitamin c serum


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