9 Avoidable Ketogenic Mistakes on a Keto Diet Plan

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Struggling to get into, or remain, in a state of ketosis? Being on a keto diet plan is not one of the easiest feats to achieve in the world. Being, and staying, in a state of ketosis takes a lot of effort and focus since it involves a lifestyle change. Many have made the transition from non-keto to keto diet with ease, while others have completely given up or had a temporary blip. If you’re struggling with the process of being on a keto diet plan, or you’re planning on making the change, here are 9 avoidable mistakes you might encounter. food on the keto diet plan

Why is The Keto Diet Plan Challenging?

Do you want to know why there are so many issues with getting into ketosis? Well, the answer is simple; a lot of people make many avoidable mistakes while on a keto diet plan. Let’s help you identify some of these common mistakes so you can learn how to avoid or rectify them.


Common Mistakes on A Keto Diet Plan

Let’s explore some of the common mistakes people make on a keto diet plan to see where you are and what you can do about it.


Using Keto as A Hit-And-Run Approach

A hit-and-run approach is one where the focus is on immediate gains for solving immediate problems and not a journey to your destination.   A keto diet is a major lifestyle change and not a quick fix to your weight or health problems. If you approach a keto diet from the quick-fix viewpoint you are likely to get burnt out pretty soon. To enjoy the best of it you need to follow through on a long-term basis. Yes, immediate changes might occur, but that’s not a license to go back to your old ways of eating as it will take you back to square one. Even if you fall out of ketosis, with consciousness you can find yourself back on track without many complications. Be prepared, be committed, and be consistent, because it is not a sprint but a lifestyle decision.


Being Obsessed with The Scales

Once you understand that being in ketosis is not a 1,500-kilometre dash but a journey, then you can approach it with more tact and resilience. One of the goals is to lose weight, but being obsessed with weight loss results can put a lot of strain on you, or even lead to discouragement if you do not achieve immediate results. Checking your weight several times a day will not reduce your weight fast, but only increase your anxiety. Have confidence in the process of getting into ketosis so you stay committed to the diet rather than worrying. Once you stay away from sugar and high carb foods, as well maintaining macros, you will eventually see satisfying results. Our tip: check your weight once a week to monitor progress.


Living by The Fear of Fats

To be told to eat more fat instead of running away from it must sound scary, especially coming from a culture where we have been sold told that fats are bad for your health. However, with ketosis, you need to feed on fat to be in ketosis. To be successful on a keto plan you require a massive amount of fat, and calculating your macros to see the volume can really scare you – as much as 75% of your foods need to be fat-centric and that’s the only way to be in ketosis. Once you trust the keto diet enough to follow through you should see substantial results within weeks.


Eating Unhealthy Fats

Eating the wrong fat contradicts the whole essence of being on a ketogenic diet. It is not about eating the right amount of fat but eating a healthy type of fat. Bad fat refers to those processed foods rich in fat, including processed vegetable oils. Good fats for consumption include saturated, mono and poly-saturated fats, as well as naturally occurring fat. These fats are all present in eggs, avocados, walnuts, butter and fish oil. Fat bombs, as well as so many other fats, also help you hit your target faster too.


Excessive Protein Intake

Want to use protein to make up for the shortage of carbs? Well, too much protein slows down your ketogenic diet plan. Your body can only have a specific amount of protein and anything extra will convert into fat. So, the goal is to focus on your macros and then you can stay in ketosis.


Low Water Consumption Rate

When doing the keto diet, your body will lose a lot of fluids. Therefore, you must try and stay hydrated as much as possible. When short of water, your body tries to store up more fat to remain active and that does not work with the principle of ketosis. Ensure you drink water regularly throughout the day. Drink at least 8 glasses of water to prevent dehydration.


Sleep Starvation

During the process of using fat as an energy source, you may experience a slight inability to sleep. You need enough sleep to function adequately and having it in short supply can affect your productivity level, as well as withstand the changes of being on a keto diet. Try to get at least eight hours sleep each night. Switching off your phone and computer a few hours before bed will help you nod off quicker.


Not Mixing Meals

Some people assume that being in ketosis prevents you from mixing meals. Knowing what to mix and eating a
mixture of food can make your experience on a ketogenic diet plan more pleasurable. Eating the same meals always will only become boring. So, feel free to get excited in the kitchen. Create exciting dishes with variety, meatballs, grilled chicken and spinach, turkey pesto, white pizza, low carb vegetables, etc. You can find some delicious keto snack ideas here.


Doing the Comparison Game

It’s human nature to compare yourself to others, but comparing yourself to others can create problems for your keto diet. On a keto diet, your body and experiences will not be the same as another person. Focus on your own body needs and progress. Sure, you can be happy for others, just remain committed to your diet plan as it is a continual process, especially at the start.


Go for The Long Haul to Avoid Mistakes

You can easily avoid these mistakes during your keto diet plan. Some of these factors are physical, while others are mental. Staying committed to the keto diet and a healthy lifestyle will help you to overcome these challenges. Learn more about the keto diet by checking out our free resources

9 mistakes to avoid on a keto diet plan


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