Fitness for Lazy People: How to Boost Your Health

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Increased fitness levels will help you to fight illness, boost your confidence and enhance your overall well-being. If you hate going to the gym, or just prefer to participate in less vigorous form of exercise, follow our five easy steps to better health and prosperity. woman stretching before fitness 

Fitness for Lazy People: 5 Ways to Boost Your Health


Start Walking

Walking is completely free to do and it’s also a great way to increase your overall fitness levels. If you’re new to exercise, try walking for twenty minutes, three times per week. Once you’ve become a regular walker, you can increase the amount of time you walk for. You can also try walking instead of driving or using public transport. Not only will you feel revitalized from the exercise, your mood will also improve too.


Take The Stairs

Take the stairs instead of using lifts or escalators. This will start to tone your leg muscles and burn more calories. If you have stairs in your home, try doing step exercises on them to boost your fitness. Just ten minutes, several times per week, is an effective start and it’s an activity you can do even if you’re on a tight budget.


Exercise At Your Desk

Work in an office? Great news! You can exercise at your desk – perfect if you lead a busy lifestyle. Try stretching first like arching your back or bending your arms and legs. You can also try completing a few yoga poses by sitting at your chair or desk – try getting your co-workers involved too to make it extra fun. To really work on your fitness levels, try walking around as much as possible during your lunch break. Getting outside in the fresh air will help to keep your concentration levels up.


Eat Healthy Foods

Fitness is important for your health, but what is exercise without eating healthy? Eating a balanced diet will not only increase your energy levels, it will also control your calorie intake which is excellent if you want to lose weight. Include lots of leafy green vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lentils. If you eat meat, opt for lean cuts that are grilled. Limit your intake of fried foods and sugar as these tend to have a negative effect on your health.


Stay Hydrated

In addition to good food and exercise, it’s essential to stay hydrated throughout the day. Adults require around eight glasses of water per day. This sounds like a lot, but sipping water throughout the day will easily add up. Without hydration, your energy levels will plummet and you’re more likely to suffer from headaches and constipation. When you exercise, you lose water via sweating and this needs to be replaced, so you should drink extra water when working out. Furthermore, consider reducing your consumption of alcohol and cutting down on smoking. These activities can increase your blood pressure, as well as your risk of suffering from a stroke. You can easily boost your fitness levels, even if you love being lazy. With a little exercise, wholesome foods and regular hydration, your overall health and wellness will start to improve and you’ll begin to feel more motivated in all areas of your life. 

How to boost your health


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