Keto Diet Foods You Can Enjoy for Weight Loss

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The keto diet is a nutritional plan for weight loss. If you’re new to the ketogenic diet, check out our guide for beginners here.  Knowing what to eat and what to avoid is a major part of a keto diet plan. To help you with your meal plans, take a look at our ketogenic diet foods list which should offer a nice option for a robust and intriguing kitchen or culinary experience anytime.kebab on keto diet

Why Choose the Ketogenic Diet?

Being on a low carb diet is highly effective for achieving substantial weight loss. It is also a known fact that eating foods with lower carbohydrates can impact positively on debilitating diseases, such as diabetes, Alzheimers, cancer, and epilepsy. A ketogenic diet requires a recommended intake of carbohydrate foods not exceeding 20-50 grams per day.


What is Ketosis?

When you eat less carbohydrates, your body has less glucose resources for energy. With the shortage of glucose, your body opts for the next option; fat. Therefore, your body starts burning fat as fuel. Once you achieve this feat you automatically get into ketosis. And so, begins your journey to weight loss! You need a keto-friendly diet plan to stay in ketosis, so take a look at our favorite keto diet foods.



NUTS AND SEEDSAlmondsHazelnutsMacadamiasPine nutsPistachiosPumpkin SeedsSesame SeedsSunflower SeedsWalnuts FATSAvocado OilCocoa ButterCoconut OilDuck FatGheeLardMacadamia OilMCT OilOlive OilPalm ShorteningRed Palm OilSesame Oil (small amounts)TallowWalnut Oil (small amounts) LEGUMESGreen BeansPeas FRUITSMost fruits are forbidden on a ketogenic diet. Small amounts are allowed but keep these to a minimum.AvocadoBlackberryBlueberryCranberryLemonLimeOliveRaspberryStrawberry  VEGETABLESTry to avoid root vegetables and stick to green leafy vegetablesArugula (Rocket)ArtichokesAsparagusBell PeppersBok ChoyBroccoliBrussels SproutsButter head LettuceCabbageCarrotsCauliflowerCeleryChardChicory GreensChivesCucumberDandelion GreensEggplant (Aubergine)EndivesFennelGarlicJicamaKaleKohlrabiLeeksLeafy Greens (Various Kinds)LettuceMushrooms (All Kinds)Mustard GreensOkraOnionsParsleyPeppers (All Kinds)PumpkinRadicchioRadishesRhubarbRomaine LettuceScallionShallotsSeaweed (All Sea Vegetables)ShallotsSpaghetti SquashSpinachSwiss chardTomatoesTurnip GreensWatercressZucchini MEATSAlligatorBaconBearBeefBisonChickenDeerDuckElkGoatGooseHorseKangarooLambMoosePheasantPorkQuailRabbitSalamiSausagesTurkeyVealWild Boar FISHAnchoviesBassCodEelFlounderHaddockHalibutHerringMackerelRed SnapperRockfishSalmon (including Smoked Salmon)SardinesTuna (including Albacore)SoleGrouperTrout SHELLFISH AND OTHER SEAFOODAbaloneCaviarClamsCrabLobsterMusselsOystersShrimpScallopsSquid DRINKSAlmond milkBrothCashew MilkClub SodaCoconut MilkCoffeeHerbal TeasLemon Juice and Lime (small amounts)TeaWaterSome alcohol drinks can be consumed HERBS AND SPICESSea SaltBlack PepperWhite PepperBasilChili PowderCurry PowderCuminOreganoThymeRosemaryTurmericParsleyCinnamonClovesGinger DAIRYFull Fat DairyEgg Yolks Use this keto diet foods list to enjoy a nice meal! Be creative and create dishes that are low in carbs, yet high in flavor. For snack ideas, use our 17 keto snack recipes for inspiration

keto diet foods you can enjoy for weight loss


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